Rwanda T-shirts

Rwanda Tshirts projects that I worked on earlier this year.

When you are an artist, even a part time artist – if such a thing exists. It is more likely that we put aside making art and not so much that we are ‘part-time’ artist. When you are this thing, you will invariably get to a point in your career when you ask yourself, how do I do what I really want to do, what I enjoy doing and still get paid for it? Now, the idea is that if you really love what you do, whether you get paid or not shouldn’t matter – which is why I am still okay with doing pro-bono work. But! in the event that you do have the opportunity to get paid for doing what you love, why the heck not!? 🙂

So, in this vain, I have decided that I am going to open an online art shop, on redbubble and creativemarket which from the available research are good platforms. How am I going to do this? How am I going to squish this into my exising schedule? Easy, cut back on the endless, time-stealing, mindless instagram scrolling. Aaaaand, set low expectations according to Tim Ferris.

My target is to update the shop once a week on Sundays with one of the following, a font, a poster, a t-shirt design or other digital art for commercial use. I intend to keep doing this alongside drawing comics and portraits for my own enjoyment from time to time. #createordie Aha!, thats a t-shirt idea, create or die, evolve or die, break free…

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