Pathways to Possibility

This has been my most exciting project of the year – so far. The Pathways to Possibility projects started out as an idea birthed by the very creative Josh Boyter. The campaign concept was simple – ISANS works with thousands of newcomers and community members every year to help create a Nova Scotia where all can belong. This became the big idea for our 2019 Annual Report and my task was to visually represent these pathways to possibility AND create a series of illustrations to represent each of the programs at ISANS.

I used reference images from getty images to create the illustrations. After working at ISANS for the last few months, it has become more and more important for me to remember to show diversity – One, because that is representative of the clients that we work with, but also, more and more, it allows people to see themselves.




JUNE 2019

Work Done

Illustration, Graphic Design



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